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BLUE WOOD INTERVIEW: Oliver W. Tuthill Jr.

An open dialogue with a rock veteran of the sixties and seventies on life in Hollywood, drugs, superstars, movie directors, film composers, girls, and life in the fast lane.

Oliver talks about:

  • The new CD
  • Career highlights
  • Musical influences
  • Hollywood memories
  • Acoustic pop rock veteran Oliver Tuthill is one of those singer/songwriters gifted with talent who never rose out of the ashes to become a prince. But now, with the Internet becoming a hot market place for pop music sales, Tuthill has at long last released a CD compilation of some of his most beloved acoustic pop rock songs.

    Raised in the wealthy North Shore of Chicago, Tuthill took to music at an early age and began writing songs after being inspired by the singing cowboy Gene Autry. Today one of Tuthill's most prized possessions is a photo of Autry astride a horse with a guitar and a personalized note asking Tuthill to "keep on playing your guitar." And, boy, did he ever.

    Cranking out over a hundred songs by the time he was 20, Tuthill signed recording agreements with a number of small independent labels, opened for name groups like Styx and the Flock, recorded with giants like Steppenwolf and John Mayall and cracked the top 40 with his single Light of Day performed by Cecil Washington and The Group. Oddly enough the B side I Don't Like to Lose became a cult hit in England and Tuthill still gets fan mail from overseas.

    Today Tuthill oversees his film company Blue Wood Films LLC and his music publishing company, Blue Pony Trail Music, a division of Blue Wood Films, but still takes the time to write and record music. He has composed most of the music for the films he has directed and just completed writing the title song for his newest film Willatuk: The Legend of Seattle's Sea Serpent. He plans to release a soundtrack CD of the film's music and has retained film composer Markus Kmitta in Hollywood to score the orchestral tracks.

    Read this extended interview with Oliver Tuthill as he talks about:

    The new CD
    Career highlights
    Musical influences
    Hollywood memories