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The Music

Oliver Tuthillís new CD album Acoustic Concerto is his first music release in 26 years and it was worth the wait! This CD is filled with beautiful ballads and melodic acoustic songs that will take the listener back to the creative essence and power of the sixties and seventies when songwriting and recording were evolving into forms never before heard in the history of rock and pop music.

        Oliver W. Tuthill Jr. - Acoustic Concerto

Listed below are the songs that are included on Acoustic Concerto. To listen to a song click the song's title. For more information on each song click the "about the song" link.

  1. L.A. BLUE 3:04 (BMI) Listen to L.A. Blue» about the song
  2. LITTLE PRINCESS 3:00 (BMI) Listen to Little Princess» about the song
  3. AMBER RAIN 3:06 (BMI) Listen to Amber Rain 
  4. PROBLEM 2:52 (BMI) Listen to Problem 
  5. GIRL, GIRL 2:38 (BMI) Listen to Girl, Girl» about the song
  6. ACOUSTIC CONCERTO 2:49 (BMI) Listen to Acoustic Concerto» about the song
  7. JULIE JEAN 3:12 (BMI) Listen to Julie Jean» about the song
  8. IN A DREAM 3:55 (BMI) Listen to In a Dream» about the song
  9. BRAND NEW LIFE 3:41 (BMI) Listen to Brand New Life» about the song
10. THOUSAND QUESTIONS 6:41 (BMI) Listen to A Thousand Questions 
11. DRIFT 3:50 (BMI) Listen to Drift 
12. HUNTERS 5:05 (BMI) Listen to Hunters» about the song

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